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Sub drop is quite well documented in BDSM circles as the feeling of depression a sub gets when the rush of an intense session fades, and the body demands payment for the lovely chemicals it just released, and all the energy just expended. What isn't spoken about quite so often is Dom drop. It has the same effects, and for the same reasons. Drop of either kind affects people in different ways. Some people simply feel a bit down for a couple of hours, others undergo a quite intense depression for a period that can last days. It also hits at different times, some crash quite quickly after a session, others take a few hours for the drop to kick in.

If you're dropping after a session with a person you don't live with, you need to be able to recognize and deal with the drop in yourself. There are as many ways of dealing with a drop as there are people, some can just ignore it and it will go away, some find a physical outlet, exercise etc., others use sugar and caffeine to help them through it. If however, you're dropping after a session with a partner, you both need to be able to recognise the symptoms in each other. It can be a great help to have a partner to help you through a bad drop, as you'll have a shoulder to cry on. It can also cause problems if you're both dropping at the same time, it can make you snappy and can cause arguments.

It is possible to lessen the effects of a drop by drinking tea/coffee/hot chocolate and by eating chocolate shortly after playing. It is important to remember though, that we are all different. What might work for some may not work for you, so you'll need to find what works for you, unless of course, you're one of the lucky ones who don't get drop at all!

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Dom and Sub ‘Drop’